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Shimmering Peace
Bob Hamilton Art
North Georgia Trout Stream
Roswell's Barrington Hall
Window Beauty
Magnolia Simplicity
Mountains in Georgia
A Floral Exposition
Hanging Lemons
Warm Felicity
The Ballerina
Color Contrast in the Country
At Peace with Grapes
At Peace with Grapes
Trail in Upstate Georgia
Colors, Colors & Colors
Trout Stream Near Ted Turner's Ranch
Coming Sundown
Billy's Truck on Hardscrable
A Hydrangea Single
Bob Hamilton Art
Bob Hamilton Art
Bob Hamilton Art
Bob Hamilton Art
Bob Hamilton Art
Bob Hamilton Art
An Autumn Farm
A Place in Maine
Bob Hamilton Art
Glutin Free Restaurant
Bit of the Mediterranean
European River Scene
Ted Turner's Bozeman, MT Ranch
Out From the Estate
Colorizing Episode!
Colorfull Lake House Wall Decor
Rural Georgia in the Fall
Why Not Flowers
Veggies & Fruit
Backyard Roswell Guests
Bob Hamilton Art


Bob Hamilton's Story

Bob Hamilton was encouraged by his mother early in life to pursue his art passion, as she was herself an artist. As a teen, he attended an art workshop in 1944 at the Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh. Bob later read that Andy Warhol attended these same sessions, but since there were 150-200 attendees, he can't recall if he ever met the esteemed Mr. Warhol.


Bob set his art aside for the most part during his working years, but upon retirement in 2008, he threw himself into his art with focus. His early instruction took place at the Roswell Recreation Visual Arts Center under the eye of Kip Rogers. His skills were further developed through the mentoring of Joan Hilliard. It is through Joan that he occupies his space at My Studio, on the Old Square in Roswell.


Bob's paintings have been displayed at the Blue Ridge Arts Festival, Roswell Showcase homes, and other local venues. He is a member of the Roswell Fine Arts Alliance.

Meet the Artist

Bob Hamilton

Bob retired from his career in the steel industry in 2008, and began the training and practice necessary to pursue his passion, art.

Roswell Artist Bob Hamilton
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